Saturday, July 7

What I can buy to make money in Nigeria stock market

I have always been impressed with those who could make consistent money in Nigeria or US stock market trading. It never came easy to me to know what I can buy to make money in stock market like these successful traders Besides, I have also marveled many times when people  loss huge capital after picking stocks effortless. 
In this short report, I have figured out the secret which I will be sharing in this article with 85% accurate buy signal strategies that tell me what I can buy to make money in stock market.

What I can buy to make money

Before I think of what I can buy to make money in stock market I carry out a thorough analysis of general market trend to know whether the bull is on rampage or bear market taking over stock trading. Buying stocks in a bull market gives ad added advantage because people are buying shares which could give your stock portfolio an upward pressure.

Another important strategies that gives me a clue on what I can buy to make money in stock market is a stock fundamentals. A good stock should have greater than expected five years earnings growth rate and above industry EPS reported quarterly.
Furthermore, a stock that ranks among what I can buy to make money in stock market, must have reported over 90% return in the past 52 weeks which shows that it is an outstanding performer in the market and have beaten 90% of its peers.

The long term debt to equity of stocks also matters in determining what I can buy to make money in stock market. A stock reporting higher long term debt will most likely dilute its earnings or pay out a higher interest expenses which may reduce its EPS figure at year ending.
Warren buffet favorite pick for stocks with high return on equity is also factored in what I can buy to make money in stock market. Return on equity shows what percent of shareholders fund is reported as earnings which is a vital fundamental to watch in trading stocks.

While this article include great tips on what I can buy to make money in stock market, so that you can get started, you need the same information that I used to pick stocks that will double in five month.

Friday, July 6

Free Browsing for Pc- Blackberry Settings on MTN, Etisalat and Glo

Browse free on ur PC with ur blackberry BIS suscription

If you’re a Nigerian, here are the internet data
settings and subscription plans for the major GSM
companies in the country: Airtel-Zain Internet Plans,
Glo Internet Plans, Etisalat Internet Plans and MTN
Internet Plans.
1. After receiving the subscription confirmation,
connect your sim to your system using what ever
means either using ur moderm or nokia pc suite
2. Create a new connection profile using the following
details: USERNAME: web
3. Connect the network
4. Download the latest freegate from http:// fg726p.exe
or download Ultrasurrf by Bellow Link http:// Unzip it after
Downloading it.
5. launch it (it will connect automatically)
6. Configure your browser manually with bellow
HTTP Proxy: | Port: 8580.
That’s all You need to do to go gaga on Your PC with Black Berry Subscription.

How I Get A free Latest Cheat on Blackberry Browsing Cheat (free BB browsing tricks)-Free MB for MTN, Airtel, Glo, ETisalat

Blackberry Phone (BB) FREE Browsing Cheat

I want to share simple cheat on Blackberry Phone you can use to browse fro free continuously without BIS subscription:
Get Latest Phone Models On And Win Great Prizes OnlineTo browse free on your BB phone now, you have to make some settings on your blackberry phones.
The first thing you need to do is to setup your TCP settings.
How to configure your BB for Free Internet browsing:
In your BlackBerry menu, kindly go to Options>>Advanced Options>>TCP and then enter your APN information from your GSM provider (MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat).
These are the TCP APN settings for all of the providers in this country for you below:
APN for Etisalat: etisalat
APN for MTN: [Username = web, Password = web)
APN for Zain:
APN for Globacom: gloflat (for modem) [Username = nothing, Password = nothing)
APN for Globacom: glowap (for wap browsers)
Once you are done with these settings, then you should get a browser to surf the internet. The best browser for you to use is the Opera Mini Web Browser. You can easily download the Opera Mini Browser unto your BB (BlackBerry). You can do that from any download site online or from OP.

Configuration settings For Opera Mini:

In your Opera Browser menu, go through with the automatic network setup (don't enter anything there).
Immediately the Opera Mini Browser detects your settings, then you are ready to browse the internet from your BlackBerry phone all for free. No need to pay for it when you can get it for free.

Get Latest Phone Models On And Win Great Prizes Online
Leave Your Comment If it works for you.

Thursday, July 5

How To Rank On First Page On Google Nigeria Search Engine

1.      The first thing you should do is to visit Google Insights:

Google insights help you to know what people are searching online which you can narrow to country and region. 

In this case, I will be narrowing our search to Nigeria, which means we will be looking for what Nigerians are searching online every day. Click The drop down menu and choose Nigeria, then click search as shown below.

This will show us the top searched terms in Nigeria which will form the basis of our keyword.

You can see that “2go” is ranked as the top search keyword in Nigeria.
  Now go to Google keyword site and enter 2go as your term and click search.

This will show you related keywords that Nigeria are actually using to search 2go: 2go downloads, 2go for Pc e.t.c. Start writing at least 200 words article on your searched keywords and use the keyword ad your title when posting on Nairaland. That is all you need to know to rank on first page through Naira land.

Learn how to write SEO optimized articles and this will enhance your traffic statistics online.

Wednesday, July 4

lite 1.4 email extractor-Tips To Download

 Hello!: Get the Top List of Latest Free Browsing Phones For MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo Network Now In Store
Free Email Extractor Lite 1.4 - Extract email addresses from any text with this free and fast utility. Simply copy, paste and start extracting. Features: Extract emails without repeating the same email; Display total extracted emails; Select different separator for each email (or enter your own); Group emails by number specified by you. Each group is separated by new line; Option to sort emails alphabetically; etc.

You want to download Lite 1.4 on your system click here

Monday, July 2

Latest Phone And Prices in Nigeria

Need urgent Cash in Nigeria To Start A Business? No More Loan

How many times have you thought, I need a loan? Yet there is no one in their right mind that will give it to me? How many times have you gone with your tail between your legs to ask your family or friends for money to start a business? It is really uncomfortable to have to do so, and you know they will worry about you. 
Here is  a safe and effective alternative though that enables you to get that money on you own terms.
When you need a loan to start a business, we have the answer for you.

Get Capital For Your Business Idea Without Loan/Borrowing And Quick Return Business You Can Start Today!

After series of success stories from our readers, We have compiled a short report on : How to raise initial capital for any business without borrow from the bank
* Types of business you can invest and get quick returns.
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