Thursday, June 28

How do I make call to nigeria And Cheap calling Cards

Are you having problem calling Nigeria from Abroad or want to make call Nigeria from another country? These are what you should do to make calls to Nigeria with your calling card.

1. You should first dial your country’s exit code, and then followed by 234, which is Nigeria’s country calling code.
2. To help you continue the calling process, you  need to enter the area code that you want to call, and then followed by the number that you want to call.

Similarly, To help you make an international call to Nigeria , you need to first dial an international dialing prefix based on where you are calling from, and then the dialing code for the country you are calling, followed by the phone number.

You can also get cheap calling cards that will help you make call to Nigeria from MTN service providers.

All these have been made easy because modern telecommunications systems no doubt now allow Nigerians or peopel abroad  to make call virtually anywhere in the world.